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    Monitor Technologies LLC was founded by George Gruber in Port Sanilac, MI in 1958. The company was then known as Sanilac Manufacturing Company and had a product line consisting of two (2) rotary paddle units, the Model M and MX. In 1960, Mr. Gruber moved the company to Minden City, MI and adopted the name Monitor Manufacturing. This name would define the company for the next 38 years.

    By 1965, Monitor’s product line consisted of three (3) rotary paddle units and one (1) model of a diaphragm switch unit. Over the years the product line grew and by 1980 consisted of twenty-two (22) products used almost exclusively for the level detection of powder and bulk solids materials. Our customer base grew from approximately 130 accounts in the early 1960’s to over 10,000 worldwide.

    Since 1980, other products have been added through acquisition and internal development. In 1965, Monitor was acquired by D K Manufacturing. Monitor’s sales offices moved to D K’s location in Batavia, IL while the manufacturing operations remained behind in Michigan. Several years later in 1972 D K Manufacturing, including Monitor, was acquired by CRL. In 1977, Monitor had outgrown both the Batavia and Minden City locations and the entire Monitor Manufacturing operation was consolidated in a new facility built in Elburn, IL where we are located today.

    Monitor’s product line continued to expand. RF Capacitance and Vibratory technologies were added to its existing mechanical and electromechanical product lines for point level monitoring. The company’s weight & cable inventory monitor was developed and became an industry standard. Some product lines that didn’t fit Monitor’s focus on instrumentation for powder and bulk solids were sold off in the early 1990’s, and the Company went through a management buyout and changed its name to Monitor Technologies LLC in April of 1998.

    In the late 1990’s and into the first decade of the new millennium new technologies were added through development, such as our SiloPatrol® smart weight & cable inventory monitoring system and SiloTrack™ PC-based inventory management software. Other new products were brought to the market during this time frame through strategic partnerships. Monitor’s focus on quality was first exemplified in 2000 when it achieved certification to ISO 9001 standards.

    Monitor’s current focus remains that of instrumentation for powder and bulk solids applications. Monitor is committed to be second-to-none in delivering the highest degree of customer satisfaction delivered through every contact our customers have with us. We will not accept anything less. Our SecureCaresm customer service is dedicated to this end.

    Today, Monitor Technologies LLC offers superior solutions in level monitoring, solids flow detection, particle emission monitoring and bin aeration. Give us a call today and let us put our creative solutions to work for you!


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